Who's behind MVL Direct?

Licensed Insolvency Practitioner

The firm was founded in April 1999 by Alisdair Findlay, who trained as a Chartered Accountant, then as an Insolvency Practitioner. Findlay James operate nationwide, working closely with our network of independent firms of Accountants, using our unique web based operating platform insolnet.co.uk to deliver services locally.

By investing in technology over several years, both from a marketing and operating systems perspective, Findlay James is able to offer a high quality, streamlined service at a competitive price.

Insolvency Specialists

After 14 years successful trading, Findlay James have been appointed on nearly two thousand formal insolvent and solvent appointments, covering all sizes and types of business.

While the MVL is a procedure for solvent companies, the appointment as Liquidator requires the same skills and regulatory requirements irrespective of whether the company in Liquidation is solvent or not. Our systems and experience guarantee quality, reliability and good value.

Our Insolvency Websites

Findlay James

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Depending on your financial situation, there are a number of options available, Whether the best option for your company is a formal insolvency procedure or a business recovery plan, it is best to speak to an experienced professional as early as possible. Learn more about Findlay James Insolvency Practitioners.

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Insolvency Direct

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Insolvency Direct secure online liquidation system is one of a kind, and the only place to liquidate your insolvent limited company online. We believe Insolvency Direct is the future of Insolveny. If your company is insolvent, visit Insolvency Direct to start your creditors voluntary liquidation today.

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Company Liquidations

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If your company is insolvent, and you want to limit your liability - liquidation is the simple solution. Our Company Liquidations website provides no-nonsense information regarding the CVL process, outlining the risks of CVAs, and provides video advice on liquidation and company administration.

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